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The translation fee is based on the number of characters. On an A4 sheet, there are around 2500 characters, including spaces, when writing in Times New Roman at 12 points and with 1.5 line spacing.

When translating a general text, the basic fee in case of the most frequent languages (English, German, French, Italian) is 1.8 HUF per character, which costs 4.500 HUF per page if we take a standard page with 2500 characters..

In case of other languages (such as Bulgarian, Estonian, Greek, Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Serbian, Slovakian, Turkish, Ukrainian), the extra fee for rare languages is 5% to 30%. When translating a text which requires specific knowledge, the extra fee is again 5% to 30%.

The translation fee for books is subject to an agreement and depends on the subject matter and the difficulty of the text

Under 2000 characters we may charge a minimum price.

Proofreading: the fee for proofreading is 30% of the translation fee.

Our prices depend on the priority, type and quantity of the text to be translated, so ask for our specific quote at

Working deadline:
Within a normal deadline, we translate 10000 characters from a foreign language into Hungarian, or 8000 characters from Hungarian into a foreign language per day, depending on the difficulty of the text. In case more characters per day are required, we apply an extra 30% fee for priority.


Our firm offers both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is when interpreting is done in real time, ‘simultaneously’ with the source language, while consecutive interpretation ‘follows’ the source language in meaningful linguistic segments. Simultaneous interpretation is used mostly at conferences or other public events when it is important to hear in real time what the speaker says. Consecutive interpretation is used mostly at business meetings when the speaker pauses after a sentence or a longer segment, and the interpreter interprets what was said.

If you need interpreting services, feel free to ask for our special offer at